Sugar Free Gum will KILL YOUR DOG!!

Posted by Sabrina Gunter on

All dogs and puppies alike love a good stroll around the neighborhood.  Owner's Beware! There is a potential death threat lurking on nearly every sidewalk you travel!

Sugar Free Gum eaten by your dog can harm if not potentially kill your pup. All foods labeled "sugar free" contain xylitol, which is fatal to dogs. Foods that commonly contain xylitol are pizza, brownies, toothpaste, pasta, and even a select few peanut butters. 

Once xylitol is injested, it throws the dogs pancreas into overdrive. The dogs body confuses the xylitol for sugar releasing large amounts of insulin into the body. This removes the real sugar in the dogs body and causes him to become hypoglycemic.  The dog can have rapid or delayed symptoms.

Symptoms can include lethargy, vomiting, unstable sugar levels, death.

Keep an eye on what your dog puts in his mouth! Everything looks and tastes good to them!





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